Lost in Translation?

 2015 Spring/Summer runway makeup made wearable:

Some of the make up looks seen on Spring/Summer 2015 runways are quite translatable to real life. Finally.
What I always like to remind folks…runway looks are often theatre.
It’s a produced show !
Use them as suggestions for modern twists, rather than going full bore with the trend.

The Spring/Summer colors are softened into pastels now.
Quite refreshing coming off a couple of years of bright, close to neon colors.
We are now moving into a softer, what Pantone (the ultimate authority and dictator of color trends) is calling “en plein air /a more ethereal” palette.
Some feel these are throwback/retro colors..certainly there are familiar reminders of years past with Marsala, and some of the mauve-y lavender and gray tones shown.
But you can make up your mind..and your face! to express however you want, with what works for you.
You wear the makeup…it shouldn’t be wearing you!
That said-
There were a number of predominate looks on the runways.

What an aesthetician’s (facialist) dream !
Skin free of foundation with maybe a little touch of concealer here or there but an essentially naked face. It’s glowing skin, a bit dewy, neither matte nor powdered down…or at least not looking like its powdered.
That’s where a blot comes in, instead of powder.

Real life- many women need some cover, so go for a sheerer, more minimally covered look rather than a heavy full coverage. if you need, learn how to apply so it works looking like less…it takes some time to get it initially, but you may really embrace the results and…. cover trouble spots. Then blot. Then lightly powder if you must.

With the accoutrement of either some bronzer, strong brows, winged eyeliner…very winged… a strong lip or a very natural neutral lip you’ll be on trend.
I didn’t see much of a combination of the face bronzer with a very strong lip.
It seemed like that was not the direction they were going, bronzer shown more with the neutral lips and strong brow…or not bronzed but the strong brow, clean skin with contour (which is still on point and softer in depth than last year).

Here’s what my spin will be:
A soft smoked smoulder of eyeshadow done in one of these :
bronze, golden khaki, a medium deep gray, deep lavender, or using a skin friendly shade for you of this year’s Pantone 2015 Color of the Year- Marsala, a rosy brown wine tone.
If you do the Marsala eyes make sure it’s a shade that enhances your eyes, steering away from anything that might resemble an allergy attack!

Enhance the brow..not as architectural as in previous seasons, a brow that is a statement.
To make this work everyday, essentially…do your brows! You needn’t make them huge or overdrawn, just get them doing some work as the frame for your eyes.
It makes a big difference to have ‘done’ brows.

Winged eyeliner… do use some liner! A bit of a wing with a slim, close to the lash line can be a fun twist that isn’t something out of place even in a corporate or government setting.
Going for the big thicker winged liners with color…think a royal, classic blue, or a turquoise (Pantone calls it Scuba Blue) may be a great way to pop in a bit of fun color…or use for evening. Try it lining under your eyes…an easy way to segue into something a bit different.
You can also try out a light champagne or almond color as a liner. If you’re a ‘creative’, you have a lot more latitude to go for the wings and the color!

The deep lips shown were predominantly in varying tones of Marsala.
There are numerous iterations of this shade, which is very skin friendly for almost every skin tone. Some companies have taken Marsala to a paler lighter tone, for those who embrace the soft pale lips.
Pale lips also ruled, but with a touch of a natural liptone nude – not that completely pale ‘same as your skin color’  lip, but with some life.
There were – as ever – red lips : ruby lips, bordeaux to cherry red…and red orange lips. All still working and making an impact.
But shiny and glossy..not so much this season, nor matte..just a cream finish..as in apply and go. Blot if necessary.

And if you hadn’t read my FaceBook ekTRUTH post here it is:

The Color on everyone’s lips (ooch, pardon the pun) will be Marsala Marsala Marsala.
Pantone’s Color of the Year 2015 a warm, rose brown “earthy” wine.

I happen to like this color, a lot, as it is so very usable across the board.
You can try one of the latest tricks, which is the ombré lip…use a lighter color all over the lips then the deeper Marsala color can accent either the center, of edges and blend in the color edges to a fade for remarkable results.
Eyeliners with a gold spark to the wine tone can add a pop to green/hazel eyes.

It’s one of those colors that works on truly -just everyone, and there are plenty of iterations of the color that will do the trick. I
t’s a heckofalot more wearable than 2014’s Pantone Radiant Orchid which was, well, bright. And if you didn’t like a hot Orchid or it was wrong for your coloring..really not good.
But ahhhh….Marsala…almost seems like a Fall/Winter color
It’s a bit reminiscent of the late 70’s-80’s but in more modern forms :
eyeshadows, liners, mascaras, lip and nail colors…clothing, leather goods, accessories.
It’s going to be everywhere,so…may as well enjoy!
For makeup—
Sephora already has lines with it in, and more on the way everywhere.
You may even have on hand see that are similar:

Clinique – Pink Brown lipstick,
Revlon -Toast of the Town (right..wasn’t that late 70’s???? Retro feel to Marsala) lipstick,
Opi -Scores a Goal or Sweet Cinnamon nail colors
Armour Beauty lipgloss -Last Dance
MAC -Party Line

This will be a great color in handbags and shoes, and will carry across all the seasons. Especially at this point. Cause it’s not shouting Spring! Summer!

So go get ready for 2015. Wearing Marsala…or your Red…
May your Life be Blessed with Joy, Health, Prosperity and Goodness