Emily Katz is an expert image consultant for numerous TV shows, movies, and publications.

Emily focuses on personal, private and corporate consulting for image upscaling, monetizing executive level “looks” for success. Makeup and image guidance for On Stage, presentation, on camera and HD are also areas of Emily’s professional consulting.

She has been the Makeup Department Head at numerous TV shows and films including Lost and  Nine Lives of Chloe King. Also, Emily was the Special F/X Makeup for the hit TV series 24. Emily is a licensed medical level esthetician and was the Makeup Department Supervisor for the new show “Anger Management.”

Some of her consulting work entails writing articles of interest relevant to current issues in the makeup, cosmetic, and skincare arena.
Other consulting works include execution of current makeup trends for celebrities.

Creating results by empowering women and helping their beauty/image issues.

Emily Katz provides consulting services outside of her daily routine and teaches women to get connected to their inner beauty. Emily enjoys teaching women how to bring their natural beauty forward as their look on a daily (or as needed!) basis.

Emily’s teaches how to easily and simply do makeup and grooming for day, professional, evening and presentation.

Her main focus is creating results by empowering women, to help their beauty/image issues and accomplishes this by:

  • aligning the experience of inner beauty coming to meet the outer expression
  • being you- in your power and your beauty
  • exuding confidence

Emily believes that she can help women stand in an image that exudes power, strength and success while monetizing on a healthy image that elevates individuals to the next level!

Research has documented that women who wear makeup and uplevel their grooming are more highly respected compared to women with the same level of experience who don’t. An interesting fact to keep in mind!

Stand in your beauty-create an Image beyond limits with Emily Katz are seminars and personalized VIP days and can be tailored to group interests or needs. Recent seminars include:

  • Tips for professional women, women ‘of a certain age’, baby boomers, those who need to move beyond the college look and become polished
  • On camera workshop, VIP on camera day
  • Learning correct makeup methods for presentations

Emily also provides seminars for on stage presentations, HD video/camera work, boardroom meetings, office appearance, day and evening Corporate seminars, and professional women’s makeup/image-ing.

Seminars can be tailored to fit your unique circumstances.

Content is proprietary to Emily Katz, Stand in Your Beauty, EKTruth, Image Beyond Limits, LLC

The seminar is information delivery and hands on.

This is not a makeup sales presentation; I do not represent any brands of makeup/cosmetic/skincare as a sales person. The seminar is intended to elevate each participant’s experience and ability to present themselves with a more polished, professional, attractive expression


“Beauty vs the Imposter Syndrome I’m so glad I finally met Emily Katz! It didn’t happen until my thirtieth year in show business and it wasn’t a moment too soon…Here’s why she’s so extraordinary – and that’s the perfect word to describe what she does: Emily works with who you actually are, what you really look like and goes from there. Extra to the ordinary. In the past, there were times when I’ve felt felt glamorous but unrecognizable when some event required a ramped-uplook. Now I actually look forward to the very thing that often made me anxious: Getting “fixed up”. With Emily, the whole process is fun and, best of all, comfortable from start to finish. All of it: make-up, wardrobe, accessories. Just like me. But bettah. And this… Beyond ‘the Look’, there lies the important stuff. In that vein, I can’t say enough about the soul, zen and calm Emily brings to the table. Her mix of elegance and congeniality is remarkable in itself. Her solutions are uncompromising, affordable and bloody genius.”    Brett Butler, Actress/Comedian