I met Emily Katz a few year ago. I was instantly impressed with her knowledge and skill. I watch a lot of makeup tutorials but still felt like I needed something a little more to learn to apply on myself for special occasions. I was cleaning out a drawer and found Emily’s card! I called her and set up a time to meet with her. She watched what I did and gave me tips on how to improve what I was doing. She took her time and gave me her full attention and the benefits of her knowledge. I was thrilled! But the service didn’t stop there. She later sent me complete instructions on everything we did, as well as diagrams so I won’t forget where, how, and why we applied. I definitely got everything I paid and more!

-Sherry Bolduc, SeneGence Distributor

Emily Katz is not only a talented make-up artist, but also a great teacher.  Her techniques make you look healthy and fresh, not overly made-up.  She is gifted in being able to see how to enhance each individual person’s beauty.  She doesn’t use a one-method fits all.  What I especially appreciated was that she showed me how to apply each product, then give me little tips and hints on how to get the best results.  I was grateful for her knowledge, skill and patience in helping me perfect the application, because the little things do make a difference.

-Lois G

Emily Katz you were beautiful and eloquent in your presentation. You have so much to share that serves to make us all look so much better! Thank you!

-Sheila Akin Pearl

I am inspired to truly break out of obsurity and achieve my personal greatness thanks to Emily. Her talk made me realize that I have not come close to owning my true worth and I am grateful I was able to hear her!!

-Retired Colonel John Moore

Emily’s passion and experience make her an exciting and unique voice for women standing in their beauty and owning their value.

-Elena Saris, LA Criminal Defense Attorney

Having spent most of my life feeling invisible and ugly, Emily makes me believe and see my beauty and power. I love what she is doing to bring beauty and power to woman everywhere.

-Val Heart, ValHeart.com

Emily’s vast knowledge and clear delivery gave me new steps to take in bringing more beauty out into the world.

-Fawn Christainson, PowerandGraceCoaching.com

Beautiful! Powerful! Compelling! Thank you Emily!

-Julie Renee Doering, Master Health Activator, Speaker and Author

Emily demonstrates her own inner and outer beauty through her powerful message! I loved listening to her.

-Joan Geller, TheGellerMethod.com

If you hire Emily, you’ll not only end up looking great, you’ll find someone who is right on with her recommendations and approach to making you feel great about yourself. I couldn’t envision the transformation that was possible in how I looked and felt after spending time with Emily. I really learned a lot too and now feel more educated and skilled in doing my own makeup and finding the right attire that speaks confidence and looks professional. She is worth every penny you invest …. at the end of the day you are investing in you and that makes it even more valuable!

-Theresa Gale, Transform, Inc. Principal

Emily is a pleasure to work with. I sought advice from one of the most in demand professionals in the beauty industry and was blown away by how personal my counseling session with her was. My session was jam packed with information, and listening to her I quickly realized I was getting A-list care. Emily is extremely generous with her tips and knowledge- all while feeling like you are speaking with a friend. Her expertise is very apparent and her guidance was exactly what I was looking for. She is the best in the business and has a passion for making natural beauty achievable!

– Jackie Johnson

Without seeming imperious, I wish God had just sent me out the way I look when Emily’s done with my make up. She is not only expert at technique, she actually demystifies the whole process. Instead of secret magical tricks, Emily makes each cast member feel relaxed and certain at once.I’ve been performing for over thirty years and Emily is the first artist who showed me HOW she does what she does.

-Brett Butler, Comedian/Actress

“Yesterday I met with professional image consultant and make-up artist to the stars, Emily Katz! Among other sage advice, I received a terrific power makeover. As a former top-producing realtor/broker who has recently re-entered the business, I found myself in need of a confidence boost and Emily’s wisdom and guidance answered my need. Now I’m complete and ready to conquer again! Check out Emily Katz for yourself and see how she can help you or your company.”

– Teri Ann LaBuwi, worked with Emily at ekTRUTH International Image Presence Consultant

“I have spent years focused on my education and career as a military officer and rarely wore make-up.  I know personal appearance matters (as evidenced by the $100s of dollars I had spent on make-up over the years), but never really had the confidence for how to do my make-up in a way that would allow me to put my best foot forward every day and be sustainable in my busy life. Working with Emily gave me the confidence and skills I had always struggled with.  She showed me how to use the products I already own in the most effective manner and suggested a few additional products to fill gaps in my collection.  Unlike department store make-up sellers, I knew she only wanted to help me look my best and was not trying to sell me anything.  She spent several hours with me developing different looks from the day to day to an evening out.  After our appointment she provided detailed notes and photographs for me to remember everything we had covered.  Emily is an incredibly fun, generous person and a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a little extra guidance to figure out how to do make-up or develop a personal style that will help them put their best foot forward every day.”

-Captain Megan Selbach-Allen, USMC

“I wanted a glamorous look for the Queen’s Ball (a fun event for Bridgerton Netflix fans) that I could also modify for daily and professional looks. Emily showed me how to do it in her pleasant and professional manner. She was fun and I learned how to look fabulous not only for special events but also at the grocery store. She is a magician with makeup and I’m glad she’s on my team.”

-Patricia Fuqua, Matchmaker

Patricia Fuqua, Before and After