Testimonial from Brett Butler – Comedienne, Actress, Writer

Beauty vs the Imposter Syndrome

I’m so glad I finally met Emily Katz! It didn’t happen until my thirtieth year in show business and it wasn’t a moment too soon…

Here’s why she’s so extraordinary – and that’s the perfect word to describe what she does: Em works with who you actually are, what you really look like and goes from there. Extra to the ordinary.

In the past, there were times when I’ve felt felt glamorous but unrecognizable when some event required a ramped-up look. Now I actually look forward to the very thing that often made me anxious: Getting “fixed up”.

With Emily, the whole process is fun and, best of all, comfortable from start to finish. All of it: make-up, wardrobe, accessories. Just like me. But bettah.

And this…

Beyond ‘the Look’, there lies the important stuff. In that vein, I can’t say enough about the soul, zen and calm Emily brings to the table. Her mix of elegance and congeniality is remarkable in itself.

Her solutions are uncompromising, affordable and bloody genius.