Emily Katz Voiceovers

From edge-y to earth mother, slightly sly to sarcastic, the textured tones of  Emily Katz epitomize the 21st century woman.  Savvy and sexy, confident and convincing, this is a voice that can be assertive one moment then turn on a dime and deliver a serious case of the “warm and fuzzies” the next.

Emily handles the ever popular, ever difficult dry, flat commercial read with aplomb.  But there can be no denying that her sardonic wit is what sets her apart.  Her sense of timing is impeccable which accurately punctuates the “zing” in any humorous spot.

Gifted with remarkable fluency and stamina, the myriad challenges of audiobooks never phase her.  Emily’s musical ear quickly assesses the individual rhythms and phrasing of each character, then conjures them into reality.  She is highly adept at acquiring accents.  Her voice also has the weight and dimension to promote literary works in the new VO genre of book trailers.

Emily’s facility with complex words serves her well in narration copy quickly grasping material ranging from scientific to historical as well as handling some rather convoluted phrasing along the way!

GCAAR Orientation from Woge Media, LLC on Vimeo.