Emily Katz: Own the Spotlight Makeup Artist

Emily Katz has been working in the film and Television industry for over 20 years. Her fresh faced signature style, influenced heavily by a background as a fine arts watercolorist, has lent a new direction to many productions in beautiful clean makeups.

​One of her favorite looks is the “no makeup” makeup sheer beauty that you’ve recently seen featured on LOST for ABC TV. She received one of the Elle Magazine Beauty Genius awards for 2009.

Emily says:

​I strive to bring out the beauty that is in each of us, without creating a mask (except for character looks , of course) so that a woman feels like she’s expressing her inner beauty as well.

​Even a full on glamour makeup still allows a woman to feel gorgeous and be herself when she knows that sometimes less is more! I love skin, and prefer to let it show through a makeup without looking cake-y or dull.

​Beautiful skin…or the impression of it, without heavy looking coverage is what I always strive for. I find it important that we feel beautiful inside and out, and want to support women in doing just that.

​Emily Katz has been a fine artist since childhood. She developed her love of watercolor painting, sculpture, esthetics, and beauty into a career as a makeup artist. Her body of work spans the world of fashion and print to the film/ television industry.

She holds both esthetician and esthetician instructor licenses (CA and HI), and has taught and developed esthetician courses and curriculum.

Emily also taught stage makeup at the university of southern California (USC), Los Angeles as an Assistant adjunct professor in the drama department.

​A spokesperson for a number of cosmetic and skincare companies, She has been involved with the television and film world for over 20 years, was the makeup Department supervisor for the ABC television show, LOST.

​Her most recent project is overseeing “Anger Management” on the F/X network doing makeup for Selma Blair, Shawnee Smith, Brett Butler while designing all female cast makeups.