Metamorphosis…when the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis …
Springtime has that effect on us. Those of us in the throes of winter often feel like we’ve broken free when the newness is upon us. It’s on the way! Except for those of you in the already warm climes. Pretend….ok?

I took a hiatus recently. But if Punxsutawny Phil – that would be the groundhog, gang- can indicate Spring is coming…who am I to argue? So out of hibernation and into your inbox!

Here you go:
Ideas and tips in time for Valentine’s Day with a prelude to Spring.

Some Valentine’s Day ideas….

Red lipstick…sure, why not? Armani color 400 is the right red for anyone. Creamy, stays well, and the color is clear red beautiful. Afraid of red lips? Or love how gorgeous but a mess to maintain? Understood!
Try this: Apply lipstick via tube or lipbrush, blot with tissue (not TP…it leaves a lint-y residue) or an oil/face blotter sheet.
Then use a gloss, color or clear.
Try lining on TOP of that blotted color with a great red lip pencil. Holding power. Feels dry?
Now do the gloss, or lipbalm ( did you know I’m a huge fan of Chapstick blue label lip moisture. And inexpensive! Au naturale? Burt’s Bees…)
These will stay longer than a slippery gloss unless you’re after the shine.

If you want to avoid all the hassle jump for Chanel’s long wear lip color Double Intensite (which I adore and use this, if not in red, daily ). It’s kissproof– tested on the film set, multiple takes; lasts through an entire dinner and cocktails. Awesome.
And, once set with the clear gloss, will actually accommodate any lipstick on top of it to moisturizer or touch up. Their reds:
Ever Red, Daring Red

Here’s caveat many may not know…almond oil based lip balms, while yummy for most, can actually exacerbate cold sores if you are so prone. Note to the wise….don’t use if you are.

Red Nails…OPI “I’m Not Really A Waitress” is a classic. Slightly shimmered, but not over the top. It’s a great red that always does the trick. Their Big Apple Red, OPI Red, The Thrill of Brazil are straight up great reds,too, and no shimmer or sparkles.
Then again, maybe you prefer a neutral face, lip and nail and want to wear red as- a dress…shoes…accessories. Just remember, in many instances less is more. Red lips AND red dress…neutral or smoky eyes. Lady Gaga rocked the red eyeshadow at the Super Bowl ( and to me, the best National Anthem rendition!) but, that red shadow can be very…out there….it’s been ‘in’, then again blue lips are in for Spring in some circles, too. Whoa Nellie, not so fast unless you’re in the very leading edge circles. No will will know what you’re thinking!

Here’s something leading edge and usable for all of us:
Totally hip eyeshadow that works for any age…vary your shimmer values accordingly…Rose Gold. It just warms up and lights up a face.
If you have slightly crinkly lids something with just a hint of sparkle is enough ( please, you who have know what I mean…if you thinking, wha???? Then don’t concern yourself, shimmer away). Try see on at the store because so often what it looks like in the pan/tester or on your hand have nothing to do with what it appears as on your eyes. The more crinkly your kids, perhaps keep the shadow to the lower part of the eyelid, rather than carry it all the way up to your brow.
Makeup can be fun, instead of a burden. Enjoy playing.
Do your brows.
Add liner and mascara.
You’ll be stunning!

Another caveat- If you use the tester unit in store, wipe it clean first, or have the counter advisor do so. You have no clue whose fingers have been in there.
I always tell people to NEVER use a mascara tester, or anything that is in an enclosed tube, like concealers that have the sponge tipped applicators. A veritable Petri dish for germs. Ugh.

Maybe Valentine’s Day is NOT your thing. Send yourself a card saying how utterly awesome you are…from a Great Admirer. Look, if you don’t give the self love and admiration, you’re selling yourself short.

The colors of the year 2016 are Rose Quartz, a warm, light, soft pink and Serenity…essentially sky blue. Refreshing after a number of years of hot intense and deep colors.

These two colors are everywhere right now…and work really well with, of course, white and black.
The familiar standard of black and white is going strong as a combo. Mix in some rose or sky blue…voila! You can also go the all white route.

Things to look for in the sales that are going on now:
Lace clothing, lace accents
Lace up shoes
Short boots with a stacked heel
Stacked heel shoes
Structured lady bags ( handbags) and smaller structure handbags

We’ll get back to Spring next round.
Wishing you all everything good.
And please remember, as with many of us, our businesses are based on referrals.
I so appreciate yours.

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