Beauty Tips from “Lost” makeup artist, Emily Katz PART I

Any Lost fans out there? I’ve been a hardcore fan since the first season and in honor of their 100th episode tonight, I thought I would do a special Lost-beauty post! I talked to Emily Katz, Makeup Supervisor on the set of Lost, for some tips she uses on the set!

SA: The cast spends a good deal out in the Hawaii sun, so I’m always wondering about what sunscreen they’re using!

EK: Well, we’re in brutal conditions! The heat, sun, humidity, then the fake sweat and water that they’re sprayed with continually when they’re on the island. We’ve gone through lots of sunscreen trials and tribulations to find the ones that have the most durability, refined, and sheer look, and don’t feel dreadfully cloying on the skin. We use spray sunscreen like Aveeno SPF 70 on their bodies and we also primarily use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch [author note: told ya so!], or Jurlique Sun Lotion on their faces.

SA: I always read that you have to reapply sunscreen, but how do you manage if you’re wearing makeup too? I hate thinking I have to do it all over again.

EK: The ones we use have enough endurance to go through most of the day before we have to reapply, which of course wreaks havoc on makeup sometimes. I suggest starting with a strong SPF, but wearing heavy makeup and going out in the sun is a bit counter-intuitive. We’ll use a lot of blot papers, which absorb a lot of the oil and mitigate makeup buildup, since the women have to look “makeup-less” on the island. If you are wearing makeup though, spread the sunscreen across your palms, press on your face, and let it sit then sponge it lightly in and then oil blot. It’s the best thing I can suggest: no smearing, just press and pat!

SA: I love bronzer and the women on the show always have that perfect level tan. What are some of your favorites?

EK: For the show, it’s imperative that there are NO sparkles – that’d really blow the reality look we’re going for! I use a lot of MAC Matte Bronzer, CARGO Matte Bronzer, and Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder. The last one comes in a selection of few shades, and they seem to work on many of the ladies very well. Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess also has good colors for a lot of women and isn’t way too shimmery. Though, I highly recommend the MAC for a soft bronzey look. The Bobbi Brown one is much more dense, so it needs to be applied more judiciously, or it can be too heavy a look.

SA: What about for everyday bronzers for women who are not stuck on a deserted island?

EK: For ‘real life,’ I just love the CARGO Matte Bronzer and even their shimmering ones — they can give a beautiful lift and life to the skin. Just don’t do anything TOO sparkly or shiny: it can look overly distracting, instead of flattering and making you look like you have a gorgeous healthy glow. And remember, if you’re sparkling with bronzer, go toward a more matte eye so it’s not overkill!

SA: I love Cargo! I use theirs in medium bronze all the time. Any more tips on finding the right bronzer?

EK: It’s really important to recognize whether a bronzer is orange, brown-rosey, or gray based. You’ll probably have to do a little experimenting to see what works best, but I’d say stay away from the gray arena. Rarely do they look believable.