Emily Katz Interview Part II

Hope you enjoyed reading Part I of my interview with Emily Katz, Makeup Supervisor on the set of Lost! Here are some more tips from Emily, and we talk bronzer, eye liner…and food! Read on:

SA: What bronzers or blushes do you recommend for different skin tones?

EK: I like to use the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder for darker skin tones, but I use Estée Lauder in rose or plum nuance normally on Asian skin tones, or medium complexions. On fair or freckly skin, I use Benefit Posie Tint, which is absolutely brilliant. It’s not shimmery, so great for the “on island” look and fantastic on fair, olive, or latin skin tones. Sometimes on lighter skin I use the MAC Matte Bronzer, and to get that sunkissed look, sometimes the Bobbi Brown in Apricot, which you have to be careful with because it can easily look graphically neon. Bobbi Brown in Clementine is a little more user-friendly, and not as vivid but still has that bright peachy color.

SA: Let’s talk eyeliners. I always look like I put it on during an earthquake especially with liquid, so I like to stick to cream pots. What about you?

EK:  I use a lot of the Bobbi Brown and Stila eye gel pots! They last a long time. The reason why you get those bumpy, squiggly lines is because the nature of eyelashes is to contract and sweep forward to keep the debris out of your eyes. So, when you close your eyes, those little eyelash muscles constrict, and that’s why you see schizo lines if you’re putting eyeliner on your eye that’s shut.

SA: So what’s the best way to apply liner then?

EK: Here’s the trick: have a mirror a little overhead, and tilt your head back. Have your eyes downcast (not closed!) while you apply the liner. If you mess up, just go with it! Smear it a little and go for a smokey look! Another thing I found that is helpful is to practice with water. Mix water with dark shadows and dip an angled brush with a very fine edge, and apply. It’s great to smoke it out and a good way to have intense lines.

SA: I love that. I’m sure you’re always dispensing tips, but what’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever given?

EK: Eat your vegetables! Especially a lot of leafy greens, and drink water. Your skin and body will thank you for it. And my lifetime makeup caveat to all: Less is more! You don’t need to pile it on to create a beautiful look.

SA: I totally agree. So in the spirit of BATF, I have to ask: What’s your favorite Hawaiian dish?

EK: I love poi. Really. And fresh fish. And chicken. And poi.

SA: What’s poi?

EK: It’s from a taro plant, or Hawaiin kalo, that has to be cooked down or else the crystals in it can actually poison you! It’s pounded into a paste that’s smoother than mashed potatoes, except I happen to love the taste.