BriteFire Offer

Discovery session:

Get to know you and your needs and where I might help, if we're a fit- usually $297 for 30 minutes, super deal! $47.00!

A 30 day wardrobe assessment via pictures...daily dress take a pic and I assess what you're wearing and how it's put together, suggestions and tips to uplevel it. I charge $697 for this, your clients and listeners can get a value- $197. I will work with dissecting what does and doesn't work, and offer suggestions to change it up to have more impact.

I will assess makeups for 10 days via pictures, then address what is working what doesn't and go through some overview steps to help bring a more professionally done look.

I'll give your folks a super deal on this..$297, as I charge for this in the range of $800-1000, Skype sessons $1500, private in person lessons range from 2000-2500.

Given my deep experience, decades, in Hollywood, I can dissect makeups readily from photos and truly help your listeners get the most bang for the buck as I know what does and doesn't work.

I hope those will fit the bill for your demographic.

And again, can't wait to connect with you today!