The Universal Beauty of Pinks II

Pink is big, especially in a softer pale blush tone. Next blog will be on that color story and ways to wear it, both makeup and fashion choices!

Passing by the Marie Claire February 2014 magazine in the airport today, a beautiful cover picture of Drew Barrymore with red lips and very understated makeup.So, that reiterates what I mentioned in my last blog about doing the statement strong lip with subdued eyes. Which does not necessarily mean not done eyes. Subdued…do see how the strong lip works for you with a subtle but polished eye makeup.

Quick tip:
Oftentimes, in a rush, your tinted moisture (sunscreen, BB,CC…) blot your face, mascara and a strong lip create a great look and you’re out the door.

Let’s investigate some of the other looks for Spring:

Try a smokey eye with bronzy colors. I’ve been fond of this look for years, and am so glad to see this as a trend this year. The bronzy eye is more wearable for many, in numerous situations-work, into evening, etc- than the dark smokey eye and more versatile as it can look more casual or really impactful. The various bronze colors you chose and depth of placement, whether you use a black liner or a deep brown, dark purple or bronze will mix it up.

Cobalt is big on the eyes this spring, too.
I especially like NYX’s Hot Hues in Cobalt Blue and Black, and do a striking smokey eye with that mix.

Personally I like a more nude or subtle lip with thise shadow colors, but you can check out using something with deeper toned color for the lips.
Remember the strong vibrant oranges (especailly neon ) popping up this spring for lips can make you look a bit too over the top with the bright deeply colored eye, so stay your hand..and your statement lipstick.

You have to remember, what can look awesome on the runway is often for theatrical effect and doesn’t translate into everyday life. Especially if you’re in a law office, corporate, or other conservative metier.

The subtle eye with strong red or deep pink or rose (not shocking pink) lip works well, or the bronzy smokey eye ( use discretion in whether too much is too dramatic for daytime work environs!) with a nude-ish or paler lip color are office appropriate. You may choose not to kine that bronzed eye, just mascara. For office to evening, add a liner, I like a dark plum to create some pop for eyes, or a deep navy/teal this spring.

More products you can try out:

Julie Hewett -Rouge Noir and Femme Noir,
Armani 400,
Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede in Couture

Eyeshadow suggestions for the Bronzy eye
Cargo -Saint Tropez, Cyprus
Clinique -At Dusk  -All About Shadow single
MAC- Honesty
Nars …..and god created woman….eyeshadow  palette
Julie Hewett shimmie creme in  Cleo

MAC Powersurge (bronze), Prunella (plum), Blooz (navy-teal blue)
L’Oreal HIP pencil- Black Shock, Gold Charge
Dior Show waterproof pencil -deep plum, matte navy sheen
Sephora waterproof pencil- Suntan -copper, Cookie Crunch -golden brown, Cappuchino- brown glitter
Makeup forever – pearly black purple pencil

Emily Katz
Image Concept & Strategy
EK Truth