Keeping it cool —-at the gym

Some Hollywood Insider Beauty tips:

Numerous issues frequently arise with our skin when working out.

I’m often asked : Why am I breaking out along my hairline, neck, back, shoulders? Especially after working out?

One of the most simple answers is this: look to your shampoo,conditioner, hair products. Even if they’re ‘natural’ or organic. Certain components can set off your skin when activated by sweat. Try withdrawing one product at a time,to see if you can determine the culprit or switch out all. If that clears it up you can either reintroduce products one by one or just go with what works.
Should that not work, look to your skincare products as well.

Using something that is actually right for your skin? Fragranced? Even if it natural-this could be a theme here-it may cause break outs. Some products are pretty benign and seem to work well until mixed with sweat and makeup and sit on the skin when your core temperature, thus your skin, is heated up. Your skin can be more absorptive when it is very warm, even when sweating. Which leads to stuff getting in pores and wreaking havoc making cleaning post workout crucial.

Let’s get one thing straight- it’s imperative to clean your skin after a workout and before bed. And who has time at the gym to take off everything and reapply? Here’s a simple solution: a microfiber washcloth. Tuck it in a ziplock in your gymbag, (use clean one at night when you’re too zonked to do a fully proper cleanse). Warm water and the microfiber will actually pull most all of the makeup off and out of your skin without heavy rubbing or cleansing products. Even mascara (but not waterproof) so don’t tug. Rinse and pop the cloth back in the ziplock and wash it at home. Use clean ones each time!

These are really reasonable at a home improvement, bed/bath/kitchen stores-buy ones for kitchen or auto (yes, auto) wash well before you use- they are much less expensive from those places. I began using them on LOST to take off layers and layers of coloration (think sunscreen,fake tan, sweat, dirt, burn plus mascara, eyemakeups…..etal) without further stressing the actresses’ skin. Gentle, non abrasive. I love these things!

Bring a tinted moisturizer you can pop on after workouts, for some foundation color. These provide protection, moisture: fast simple easy all in one. Dash on some lipgloss, freshen mascara: ready to go.

You can use this of course daily for your makeup base as well, as multi use products speed up your daily routine by minutes when you’re dashing out the door.
I highly recommend waterproof eyeshadow and eyeliner pencils most of the time, but at the gym (waterproof or water resistant-stay put mascaras !) are priceless for keeping you looking good/hot-not like a hot mess.

And, saves you redoing a lot of eye after the gym if you go straight back to work at lunchtime.

Keep your skincare products as clean and fragrance free as possible, unless you have no reaction under workout conditions. Sometimes using a lighter weight moisture for the gym then -after you clean –adding a heavier one in the colder climes can protect your face from the gym breakouts and the inclement weather outside. (If you need under or instead of the tinted moisture.)

Remember: A thorough cleanse before bed is a must for good skin!

And if you exercise outdoors-
Please: Always use sun protection. Higher spf numbers DO make a difference. Skin disintegrates with exposure, we call it aging, some changes are irreversible. And of course the concerns for cancer. I’m from Hawaii, and, have worked under the tropical sun for years. I’ve seen it. You want your beautiful skin to stay that way!  Protection!

There are some awesome colorless and tinted, waterproof sunscreens that keep you glowing with even healthy skin tone and will not break you out. Key word: noncomedogenic.

What does that mean? It shouldn’t create blemishes (non=no, comedyne=blemish, ic= causes)

Now go on, look fab and enjoy your new fitness resolutions!


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