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The first in a series of Spring 2014- how to bring the latest makeup trends into reality for you so you can carry it off without looking theatrical or over the top trendy, unless of course, that’s your aim. Then we’ll be on to a series for fashion/wardrobe/accessories.

As we turn our thoughts to warmer weather, whether it’s the warmth of Springtime  or a vacation (resort collections are out and ready to wear, pardon the pun!) let’s take a spin through some of the hot makeup trends for Spring 2014, and how you can actually pull them off to keep yourself looking current! Or a refreshed classic.

Although orange, especially neon,  is an IT color on the 2014 Spring runway radar, I find its best in more user friendly versions. And I can’t help it-a great true red is always in vogue. So here are my picks and tips:

For those of you uber fashion mavens who want their lips in statement hyper drive, there’s NARS, who has never been afraid of surprising super brights their new Timanfaya -a neon orange, yellow based matte (big news for Spring is a matte lip).

To make it  more user-friendly first put on some lip balm , then a slick of the bright orange over all, mor just in the center and blend it out to the edges with lip balm and see how that works.

If you like, add a touch of a pink or a pink gold gloss over it. It’s very bright, so keep the rest of the face clean and simple to pull this off!
If you use the gloss but want to do a semi matte lip, which is more easily wearable than a flat matte lip (which can show dryness and lip crinkles)…blot after you apply lipstick or gloss.

I suggest using blot paper after lip gloss to make it less sticky, or to mattify lipstick.
Please!!!! not tissue (or TP!) as those can leave little bits of paper debris.

Worse case scenario when you’re out-don’t laugh-seat covers from the ladies room(ok laugh). While working with a famous actor, blotting him onset he said, ‘you know what I really like to use are those toilet seat covers’. So of course I headed to the loo and brought some back which I pulled out for the next scene. He thought it was hilarious! Point is- very handy, they work for facial blotting too. Who knew, right?

And I can’t help it-a great true red is always in vogue. A nude lip is as well, but ladies, I must warn you- too nude a lip when you’re getting older can make you look pale and wan. Use something that has some warmth in it to brighten the nude-y look. So here are some of my other Spring 2014 product picks and tips:

Armani #400 lipstick.
The best red I have ever used on anyone, myself included. It is stunningly, perfectly beautiful. It can be used as a sheer stain (or blot it way down), do a full on application then blot for a more matte finish, put gloss over it, like a shimmery gold, or just go to and as I fondly call it, ‘tube it’- put it ON! Any time of year, remembering less on the eyes with this can give more impact for the face. (Smokey-with it? Yes, that’ll actually work- we’ll get into that with eyes next time!)

Armour Beauty Ann- Margret lip gloss.

This is a very wearable coral-y peachy pink, very spring, that can be blotted so its not so glossy. Armour lip gloss is saturated with long lasting color and good for you stuff. No parabens and they never test on animals. I use it on set often, and the array of colors in the line is fantastic. Punch up the color volume with a touch of orange lipstick in the center of the lips for the NOW 2014 spring look that’s face and skin tone friendly for just about everyone. Really.

New, but old for 2014 is Revlon’s revamping of fav classics, like Sandstorm. It is a golden pink-y tan and delivers an almost nude shimmery lip, while still imbuing some color ‘life’ to a nude lip. Try it over or under any number of other colors as it’s a great mixer. I used to go through tubes of this color (classic 1999) and am delighted to see it return, in an even better formula than 1999.

Another Nude color that works for just about everyone, is Julie Hewett’s Nude Noir. Again, I use this as my turn to nude and very camera friendly color on set.It was a staple for my work on LOST( not ‘on The Island looks’ …) has been for years, still is. Her formula is loaded with Shea and Camellia oils, lasts and feels great. It’s also great for brides.

We’ll take a look at eyes next, so until then-

Inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s words:
“Elegance is the only enduring beauty.”